Agriturismo Umbria

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Agriturismo Umbria, a holiday in Umbria discovering its local traditions, art and good cooking

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Agriturismo Umbria, La Casa del Vento

The Casa del Vento owes its name to the currents of air that cross each other in the skies above the farmhouse which induce flocks of birds flying in the vicinity to fly above it. The locals, well aware of this phenomenon, built at the turn of the century a hunting lodge which they called the "Casa del Vento".

Mario, Franca and Donatella’s grandfather, bought the Casa del Vento from the Fiorelli family in 1956.

The Frappini family moved to the Casa del Vento in 1960 where they grew crops of barley and corn. Mario also bred Chianina Cattle which were slaughtered and sold at the family butcher’s.

Both Donatella and Franca were born on the farm in 1960 and 1967. Their childhoods were spent at the Casa del Vento but subsequently life on the farm was not for them. Donatella became a primary school teacher and Franca worked in a mineral and fossil shop in Assisi.

The 1997 earthquake not only shook the earth lying underneath the Casa del Vento, it also shook the souls of Franca and Donatella.

They both felt the urge to rediscover their roots and in 2000, together with their parents, decided to refurbish the house they were born in transforming it into a true and proper farmhouse, the "Casa del Vento" .

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