Directions to the Casa del Vento from Assisi

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How to get to the Casa del Vento farmhouse

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Directions to the Casa del Vento from Assisi

Take the SS 444 motorway from Piazza Matteotti (marked A on the map) towards Gualdo Tadino. Go through the Porta Perlici archway (marked B on the map) and drive for about 12 km, without coming off the SS 444. Pass through the villages of Ponte Grande (marked D on the map), Pian della Pieve and San Presto (marked E on the map). At San Presto carry on along the SS 444 for another 2 km until you get to the turning on the right for Casa del Vento (marked F on the map) and signposted in brown with white lettering. It is at this junction that you turn off the SS 444 and carry on for about 1 km along the dirt track. You’ll see the signs for the Casa del Vento at every crossing (marked G on the map). Casa del Vento is located at the point marked H. In normal driving conditions this journey should take you about 20 minutes.

Mappa interattiva con percorso da Assisi alla Casa del Vento

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